A Number That Sticks

Having a great business idea and offering quality services are very important things when running a business but it’s all for naught if your customers can’t reach you easily. With local 1300 numbers, you can both promote your business and make sure that you’re very easy to reach. Hang on, doesn’t that sound too good to be true? – Well, it is true!

Yes, you can indeed promote your business and be more reachable just by using a number that starts with ‘1300’. These are called smart numbers because of this and they’re extremely valuable to Australian businesses for the following reasons.

You Can Have The Same Number No Matter Where You Are

You know what really kills your business? When a customer who wants to buy from you calls your company only to be met with an automated receiver voice telling them that the number they’re trying to reach is no longer available. Of course, if you’re moving your business, you’ll change your number and make it available to your customers but not all your customers will catch on quickly. However, 1300 numbers aren’t geographically restricted so if your business moves, you can use the same number that everyone knows to call.

Boost Your Business’s Name

Another cool thing that local 1300 numbers offer you is their ability to incorporate your business’s title in the number itself. All your customers have to do is dial 1300 and spell your business’s name on their alphanumeric keyboards to reach you. This kind of a number is not just ridiculously easy to memorise but it’s also promoting the name of your business as it’s being dialled. This is why so many Australian businesses are using local 1300 numbers to market their businesses.