Add a Fresh Twist to Your Wedding Reception

Weddings can cost a lot, but since they are so rare and are meant to enjoy a joyful union between two people, all the expense and hassle can be worth it. There are countless things that go into wedding planning, each of which need to be given a lot of thought and attention since they are going to set the overall atmosphere for your wedding reception. One of these elements is the cutlery and plates that you are going to use to serve your guests with food, many people believe that you need to rent out premium plates and glasses, otherwise your wedding just will not feel right.

However, the truth is that a large majority of people at a wedding do not pay even the slightest bit of attention to what do their plates look like, as long as everything is there and in one piece, your guests will be more than satisfied. Out of everything that you are going to rent out to place on top of your guests’ tables, the most costly item will be the plates, a decent plate rental will cost a minimum of around $200, which is a lot of money being spent on something that most of your guests will not even care about.

A great yet somewhat uncommon thing to do is that instead of going for real plates and putting extra pressure on your budget, you can rent out plastic plates for wedding reception, you can some great looking plastic plates that will only cost you a fraction of the real deal, allowing you to spend the money that you saved on something more important. He reason why most people do not go for plastic plates is because the idea of having plastic plates at a wedding reception seems a bit tacky and cheap.

Nowadays you can find some really well-made plastic plates, any decent set looks just like the real thing unless someone specifically points out that they are made of plastic, and they are also a lot more durable so you will not have to worry about your guests breaking anything. If you want to save on money but you also do not want to tarnish the premium air of your reception, then you can mix up your tableware, go for silverware cutlery, fancy glasses and then pick a set of plastic plates that go with everything else nicely.

Plastic plates also give you more space for being creative with your reception design, you can have pictures, designs and even quotes printed on them to add an additional layer of beauty and design to your reception. Anyone who has had prior experience with wedding planning will tell you that guests do not care much about the tableware as long as the food and overall atmosphere is good. So save yourself from wasteful spending and focus your efforts and resources in the right places so that your wedding turns out to be a memorable event.