Advantages of Windows 10

The relationship of Windows 10 with the general public has been of love and ever since it came out. Some love it enough to never budge, while others hate it to its care; there is no middle ground. However, one cannot deny that Windows 10 is perhaps the pinnacle of brilliance by Microsoft, and it is going to stay for a long, long time; after all, they have announced that there will not be any replacements any time soon.

If you are wondering how to get help in Windows 10, Microsoft has made things easier for the users as there are a couple of options that you can use to get through whatever there is that might be bothering you. In this article, we are going to be looking at the advantages of Windows 10.

It is Resource Friendly

This might come as a surprise but when I decided to install Windows 10 on an old laptop running a Core 2 Duo, I was surprised to see that the Windows booted up. Not only booted up, but it did run perfectly fine with all the legacy drivers installed. At first I thought it is just the start because OS’ usually don’t put on too much load in the start, but that laptop ran Windows 10 for 2 years before it succumbed to its physical demise.

Loaded With Features

If features are what you like, features are what you will get. Windows 10 is loaded with features and that is becoming a lot more evident than it used to be. There are features for nearly everyone; from people who just want to play games, to people who want to enjoy music, or even movies. Windows 10 caters to everyone, and it is slowly increasing the horizon of its ecosystem.