The Sky Rises

Everyone knows what Netflix is, but only those who are out on travels know some of the frustration that comes with it. Netflix does this thing where, unless you’re in a certain country like America, you can’t watch the content of it. So if you ever leave to visit some distant relatives or any number of reasons that there are to travel, you won’t get to take your favourite shows with you and you’ll certainly be behind as newer episodes come out and you’re trying to avoid every kind of spoiler that many social networking sites like Facebook become polluted with, depending on the popularity of the show.

There are ways about it, one of the ways of getting around this is piracy. However, that is illegal and not an act that should be attempted. There are more legal methods one can undertake, and the best route is to subscribe to a VPN service. A virtual private network helps you mask your location and can make it appear as if you’re somewhere else geographically. So, if you want to watch content exclusive to the UK, you would connect to a server there through your VPN which manages all the traffic you send online and all the traffic you receive.

As a result, Netflix thinks you are actually there and lets you view the whole library which was otherwise exclusive to one region. There are many free VPN service providers but many of them aren’t as reliable or guaranteed to get you access to that exclusive content. Others plainly just don’t work. Finding the best vpn for Netflix takes longer and it helps to read reviews before choosing one provider in particular. Generally, paid VPN services are going to have more edge in their capabilities and make for better, but expensive choices.

Reasons You Should Apply For a UAE Visa

Traveling is a lot of fun, and to be honest, you can actually travel on your own and make it fun too. There is no rulebook that says that traveling is only fun when you are traveling with a friend, so that is certainly an important thing to keep in mind. With that said, there are several reasons you should visit UAE, at least once in your life.

Applying for UAE visa is not that difficult either, whether you are looking for Dubai Eb-5 investors or you just want to go to UAE for a merry time, the options are there if you are looking to avail them. Keeping that in mind, I decided to take a look at some of the reasons why you should apply for a UAE visa.

You Want a Good Vacation Destination

If you are looking for a good vacation destination, then UAE is undoubtedly one of the best places you could go for a vacation. Sure, not many people actually think that, mainly because life in there is very, very active, especially in Dubai. But the good thing is that the life is not like that in every other place in UAE. It is like the place has something for everyone.

You Are Going For Work

Another reason why you should apply for a UAE visa is because you are looking for a working environment. However, you need to know that you must have a worker visa, or a freelance visa if you are looking for working in UAE because otherwise you will not be allowed to legally work there. Keeping that in mind, if a company in the UAE has hired you, they will most probably arrange the employment visa for you, so that’s one more thing to keep in mind.

How Do You Choose Between Hotels And Rental Apartments?

Before we move on further, we would like to mention that we are going to be talking about short term rental apartments only and not the long term. The comfort level of every human and the idea of vacationing of everyone is different which is why there are some people who say that hotels are the best but there is a group who firmly believes that short term rental apartments are live savers and the only thing that is comforting during vacations.

People who love hotels feel that when a person is on a vacation, he/she should break out of the comfort zone and live in a different manner but the other group believes oppositely i.e. that being on a vacation does not mean discomfort which is why short term rental apartments are the best as they provide comfort as a home would which is why they choose to go for companies like royal living group. For a person who has no specific opinion, this debate can prove to be very confusing to the point that the person would not know what to choose but that is where we come in.


If you are confused between the two options of living for your vacations then you need to ask yourself how much you value privacy and what kind of privacy do you like? If you live in a hotel, you would have to come into contact with other human beings and would need to have social interactions with the hotel management but in a short term rental apartment, you would not have to do any such thing.


When you live in a hotel, cleaning, managing things etc. is done for you but you would not have that luxury when you live in an apartment.

Why Get a Thai Motorbike License?

This article is for all the tourists who are planning to go to Thailand or are already there. Have you been suggested that you get a Thai motorbike license so that you can easily rent a scooter and drive without any trouble? Now we know that getting a driving license of another country would sound exciting but the first thing that you need to ask yourself is whether you really need that license? Getting a Thai license is not that hard and it is not even that expensive but that does not mean that every tourist should get it. If you are going to Thailand for only a holiday or a very short trip then you do not need a Thai license, you can rent motorbikes and cars to commute though we would really recommend that you go for scooters and motorbikes.

You can easily do a motorcycle rental in Phuket or any other city if you have your passport and your country’s valid driving license, though some companies also require that you get a health insurance. The only people who should apply and get a Thai driving license are the people who are planning to stay in Thailand for a long time. Even if you are a foreigner, you can get a Thai driving license without any trouble. The driving license would only benefit you if you are planning to stay for some time so that you can commute very easily and would not need to spend your money on tuk tuks or buses.

The great thing about obtaining the license is that you would be able to rent any bike that you want without having to be scrutinized. Another benefit is that if you do get pulled over by the local police, they would easily let you go once they see your Thai license.

Whale Shark Tours

It sounds like a vacation idea from out of this world but there is a way that you will be able to swim along with creatures as majestic as whale sharks in their natural habitat without getting hurt and consistently being in a safe environment as you interact with the whale sharks.

By going online and visiting the Whale Shark N swim web page, which you can find by clicking here at, you can register yourself and your entire family for an amazing underwater tour of the world of one of the largest aquatic animals in the ocean; the whale shark.

The whole experience is one where you and your family can learn a lot as you will be constantly under the supervision of whale shark experts who will be able to safely guide you through the entire interactive tour and get you around safely while being surrounded by aquatic giants. You will be supported by the experts at all times in this tour and they will help you gain the necessary confidence to eye down a majestic beast of the ocean and swim along its side it as your equal. The tour guides will also impart knowledge about the whale sharks and the aquatic life forms so that it is both an adventure and an educational outing.

You are not only going to be learning and experiencing swimming with these giant fish, you will also be travelling around in the state of the art diving vessel that is owned by Whale Shark N Swim. This diving vessel has enough room to hold an entire tour inside it, have enough space to hold 4 different showers, and even have 2 different toilets that people can use on the trip. It is a once in a lifetime experience you don’t want to miss.