Commonly Heard Phobias Nowadays

We got to know that many of our readers love to read about different phobias and those who do not should also read up about them because they might have phobias but just never got to know about it because they did not bother to read up about them on or any site or journals that talk about this particular topic. We thought that in this article, we would introduce some common phobias that people have nowadays and if you have any of them, you would be able to recognize them and get them treated.


This particular phobia is very common and not only in these days, it has been around since a long time and would stick around as long as spider hating people exist. Yes, this phobia is about spiders and the people who have this phobia are terribly afraid of spiders.


It might be hard to believe but there are people who are actually terrified of dentists and dental offices and do any and everything to avoid it.


When you hear about this fear, you might think that everyone is scared of this particular object but you are wrong because people who have enetophobia are so afraid of pointy objects or needles that they can go to extreme measures to avoid contact or nearness with the said object type.


This is a quite known phobia and people who have this are scared of blood i.e. they hate the sight, smell and maybe even feel of blood.


The name might suggest that it is the fear of hippopotamus but it is actually not as it is the fear of horses which can get very real for some people.


It is a very real phobia where people are afraid of stealing i.e. they are scared of the act and there can be different reasons behind it.