Considerations Before Extensions

If you are thinking about getting hair extensions put in then you might want to think about a few things before you commit to anything. You should have a proper understanding about the different types of hair extensions and what their benefits are. The three main types of hair extensions are the clip on hair extensions, the bi adhesive tape extensions, and the keratin hair extensions.

The type you choose should depend on your lifestyle and general style. The clip on hair extensions are great for people who want to try new looks but are not fully sure if they will like them. These are just hair extensions on a few clips that are already styled. You simply clip them on to your own hair and voila, you have a new hair style. The middle length hair extensions are the bi adhesive tape extensions. These can last you up to 8 weeks and meld perfectly with your hair. The tape cannot be seen and cannot be felt.

All you see and feel is normal hair and you would not know where it was taped and where it wasn’t. people who want a look for a little longer but do not want to commit to it can get these put in. however, they are not great for those girls who are active with exercises and yoga, as the extensions can become damaged in that. The last style is the keratin hair extensions. These hair extensions are basically bound with your real hair and they become one. These can be used for people who are committing to a style as they can last upwards of 3 months. That means that by the time they come off, your hair will probably grow to that size. To know more you can click here for more information.