How to Choose a Filter Pitcher

Water filter pitchers are all the rage nowadays because of how handy they are. We all know just how bad the situation is in a lot of different cities and towns with regards to the water supply. You will find traces of dirt, bacteria, and even poisonous metals such as mercury in the water that comes out of the taps. This problem is even present in some larger and more developed countries and it really needs to be addressed. While there are a few solutions like buying bottled water from a water company or boiling the water yourself, this will either spend too much of your money on simply getting water or waste a lot of your time just for you to have access to clean water. A water filter pitcher on the other hand is cheap, portable, and very quick.

A water filter pitcher is just a pitcher of what that has a small filtration machine placed inside it that will clean up the water that you pour in to it. This means that even if you put in water directly from the tap in to this water pitcher, it will make it safe for you to consume this water. Now if you are looking for a water pitcher filter then you might want to check out the reviews on Nature Immerse for their water pitchers. You should also have an idea of what type of water pitcher will suit your needs. Obviously you should try and go for a pitcher of either medium to large size so you do not have to re fill it over and over again. You should also look for one made of glass rather than plastic as plastic can react to and contaminate water if it is of low quality by the BPA in plastics.