Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

When a traumatic sexual event happens to someone, they tend to just put it behind them and try to push past it since it’s embarrassing to talk about. We tell ourselves that we’ll get over it and move on with our lives but the truth of the matter is that in most cases, these kinds of traumatic events just stick with you in horrible ways. They can impair your relationships with the opposite gender, cause you to go into depression and develop unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Basically, sexual assault can have lasting negative effects on the victim. There are two things that just have to be done after such an event transpires; the victim should seek counselling so that they can recover from the trauma instead of keeping it to themselves and the perpetrator should be brought to justice so that they don’t harm anyone else again. Now, no matter how evident it is that you’ve been wronged by someone, going to court can still be a very stressful procedure, which is why you should have a legal advisor on your side at all times regardless of how much you think you know your rights. You need a lawyer who understands the ways your traumatic experience can affect you mentally so that they can make it simpler for you to take the perpetrator to court to face justice.

A Surrey criminal lawyer can help you understand your rights according to the situation and help you build a solid case that incriminates the perpetrator so that there’s no wiggle room for them to escape justice from. Once the guilty has been penalised for their crimes, you can recover from the trauma faster, knowing that they won’t hurt anyone like that again.