Keyboards vs. Pianos

A lot of people confuse pianos and keyboards with each other. Now while this is an understandable mistake as they both look quite similar, and if you have no experience playing on them then you probably won’t be able to tell them apart. However, there is a pretty significant difference between the two and it changes how both instruments are used and played. In this article we will be focusing on differentiating the two and explaining which one is useful for what purpose.

The main thing that differentiates the two is the fact that a digital piano has keys that are weighted and the key board has non weighted keys on it. Now which one you use over the other can be down to personal preference. The point of the weighted keys is to help enhance your playing ability, increase the strength of your fingers, and it helps emulate a sound that is closer to classic styles of piano music. The weighted keys are also great for polishing your technique and getting better at playing a piano in the long run On the other hand non weighted keys on a key board are more useful for contemporary styles of playing and they are great for precise playing on extended melodies.

Neither type of instrument has an actual fault to it. Rather, they can both even be used by the same player as it will help increase the their versatility and both styles of playing can be used for many songs and melodies. The question comes down to what you need to practice. If you are a beginner and are just learning then non weighted keys on a key board might be a better option, but a digital keyboard is better for advanced players. You can find out more about pianos with weighted keys at