Know About Oxymetholone Before You Purchase It

IF you are thinking of purchasing the ever famous steroid oxymetholone then we really hope that you know that it is illegal throughout most of the countries of the world? We feel that it is better to know about the illegal before you put yourself at risk and buy it illegal, it is better to know whether the product is worth it or not. If we talk about facts of oxymetholone, first would be that it is also called Anadrol and it is one of the most popular anabolic drugs being used in the sports and body builder circle nowadays.

Since it is illegal, we would highly recommend that you do not purchase it but we know that despite our warning, many of our readers would get their hands on it through some way so we consider it our responsibility to at least arm them with knowledge about the drug and maybe they would decide not to use it. Oxymetholone steroid overview would be that even though the drug is banned, it is still used a lot because it promises insane muscle building which is what many people want.

When Do People Use It?

We have already talked about who uses it Anadrol but another question that comes to mind is when do they use it? Athletes use it during their training period to become stronger for their games. Body builders often use it in their bulking phase in order to gain a lot of muscles fast and easily but some use it during their cutting phase too because they wish to contain the muscles while shedding off the water weight and fat. One very important thing is that it is drastically harmful to the liver which is why people stop after using it for 6 weeks.