The Sky Rises

Everyone knows what Netflix is, but only those who are out on travels know some of the frustration that comes with it. Netflix does this thing where, unless you’re in a certain country like America, you can’t watch the content of it. So if you ever leave to visit some distant relatives or any number of reasons that there are to travel, you won’t get to take your favourite shows with you and you’ll certainly be behind as newer episodes come out and you’re trying to avoid every kind of spoiler that many social networking sites like Facebook become polluted with, depending on the popularity of the show.

There are ways about it, one of the ways of getting around this is piracy. However, that is illegal and not an act that should be attempted. There are more legal methods one can undertake, and the best route is to subscribe to a VPN service. A virtual private network helps you mask your location and can make it appear as if you’re somewhere else geographically. So, if you want to watch content exclusive to the UK, you would connect to a server there through your VPN which manages all the traffic you send online and all the traffic you receive.

As a result, Netflix thinks you are actually there and lets you view the whole library which was otherwise exclusive to one region. There are many free VPN service providers but many of them aren’t as reliable or guaranteed to get you access to that exclusive content. Others plainly just don’t work. Finding the best vpn for Netflix takes longer and it helps to read reviews before choosing one provider in particular. Generally, paid VPN services are going to have more edge in their capabilities and make for better, but expensive choices.