Why Should You Invest in a Quality Set of Pots And Pans For Your Kitchen

Everyone’s kitchen has pots and pans lying around and we pretty much take cookware for granted, to many of us; a pot or pan is simply a container made out of metal that we use to heat things in. However, there is a lot more to our cookware than just this, having a quality set of pots and pans in your home does not only serve to make your kitchen look more fancy, it can also make a great difference in how you cook and also have an impact in your health.

There are a lot of reasons behind why you should invest in pots and pans that are of better quality, the most basic reason being that better cookware tends to stay in commission for longer. Pans made using high grade metals are sturdier and can be more lightweight if they are made using metals such as aluminium. From a health related point of view, one should never go for a cheap non-stick pan as it might contain hints of cadmium which can seep into your food and slowly poison you. Low grade pots and pans can also contain other kinds of toxins, all of which you slowly consume as you use low quality cookware.

Pots and pans with non-stick ceramic interiors can cost more, but you can use them knowing that they are completely free of harmful chemicals. High quality cookware is also designed to take on a lot of heat, some are even oven friendly and can withstand pretty high temperatures. Tramontina is a Brazil based brand that was found over a hundred years ago, tramontina pots and pans are often praised for the premium quality that they have to offer, not only do their pots and pans look great, but they also feel great to use.

The company makes use of top of the line materials that make sure that their pots and pans will last for quite some time, ceramic non-stick interior coatings, stainless steel handles coated in rubber or silicone accents for enhanced grip and heat resistant glass lids are all common in tramontina’s cookware. Tramontina puts a lot of thought into every pot that they produce, better design also results in better heat conductivity, making it easier to regulate temperature and cook your food more evenly.

Investing in a good set of cookware is something that everyone should put on their list, but remember that your cookware will be good to you as long as you take good care of it, this is especially true for ceramic based cookware that can be chipped really easily. Cracking the ceramic coating or chipping it can result in your entire pot/pan becoming useless. The next time you go shopping for a pan or pot, do not go for the one that is the cheapest, instead do a bit more research and then pick one that you know you can count on.